Support Local Music in Hampton Roads

I rarely have time off to see other groups here in Hampton Roads.  Whenever I can, I support local music.  I really believe in looking out for each other as musicians and artists.  Sharing stages and connecting with like minded people is what keeps the world turning…  At least from my tiny view of the chaos.  Here are a couple groups/artists I really like.  There are actually MANY bands here in the area I really enjoy and I’m certainly going to make these types of local spotlight blogs a reoccurring theme.  This is just the first of many

Good Shot Judy.


A couple weeks ago I took a drive up to The Williamsburg Lodge and popped into Sweet Tea and Barley to hang out with these guys.  Really had a great time!  Brett Cahoon is a bad ass front man and Jazz singer.  The band is tight.  The band members are exceptional players and wonderful human beings.  We talked shop, had laughs, shared ideas and brought up the possibility of doing some kind of collaborative show together.  The song choices are all hip and they deservingly stay very busy.  I will most certainly be seeing those guys out again and maybe… just maybe have the nuts to jump up for a song one day.  These guys have a steady gig every Thursday at Sweet Tea and Barley in the Williamsburg Lodge.  Go to Good Shot Judy’s YouTube channel and have a look…  You’re welcome in advance.

Dustin Furlow


Oh Dustin….  Why do make me wanna quit playing guitar?  I’ve only actually seen Dustin live a handful of times, given our near identical playing schedules.  However, I am subscribed to his very pro YouTube channel.  His Instagram feed is chock full of guitar glory with pouty puppy portraits playfully peppered in (<Points to whoever knows what writing device that is).  He’s very active in Hampton Roads and online.  His songs are beautiful.  Really dig Only Autumn.  Congrats on your Larrivee endorsement, man.  You deserve it.