Stuff I’m listening to

Stuff I’m listening to – I’m really into the new Leonard Cohen record titled “You Want it Darker”. It’s very heavy and mainly centered around mortality, much like Johnny Cash’s last record.  Cohen’s vocals sound haunting.  The lyrics are simple and brilliant. I’m liking it.

Listened to a bunch of Woody Guthrie while sitting around a fire with Alexa. Also tuned to a bluegrass radio station while we were traveling through Shenandoah National Park a couple weeks ago.  Appalachian theme was laid on thick.  Tony told me to check out the new Doyle Bramhall II record but didn’t get to it just yet.  It’s on the list.  Just got into Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats.  I’m kinda late to the party on that record but now I’ve had a taste and it’s completely addictive.   Besides that, I’ve been on a long time Jason Isbell kick.

Honestly, while I’m driving I like to listen to podcasts and audible.  Joe Rogan Experience, Radiolab, Hardcore History and The Nerdist are my standards.  I listen to audio books on longer trips.  I recently listened to Star Wars:  Dark Disciple, The Power of Habit, The Primal Blueprint and The 5 Love Languages.  Gotta keep it diverse!  Thanks for reading and thanks for the support.  I love you guys.

Leonard Cohen