So. I have this fancy website with a fancy blog section

So.  I have this fancy website with a fancy blog section.  S’pose I should use it.  I  think I’ll get used to blogging with more frequency.  I’m going to work to post a new blog every Monday. Funny thing.  I feel like I have no idea who I’m talking to AND I know exactly who I’m talking to at the same time.  So here we go.


My Long Anticipated Record.

There’s no way around it.  It’s taking what seems like forever. Between being on a budget, bouncing around studios, busy band members, a busy gig schedule, clamming up in the booth and being my own worst critic, it’s one of the toughest things I’ve taken on.  Rich is a good engineer and producer.  He’s super attentive to detail and only wants my debut outing to the world to accurately capture the passion I bring to the stage.  But we are working on it when we can.  Rich is always mixing and editing the stuff we get.  More studio sessions are scheduled and more tracking is in the immediate future.


What I’m writing.

The band has been working on some new tunes…  Usually on the spot at a slow gig when they least expect an impromptu rehearsal.  Sshhh.  Don’t tell the club owners.  

Titles include:  

This Past Year (which I’ve been writing for about 4 years.  haha)

It’s kinda retrospective illustrating my general feelings of where I’ve been both in my musical path and emotionally.  Here’s a lil snippet off lyrics….  

“This past year I hadda flaunt my new veneers and cut my jealous teeth with a smile.  The smell of fumes, deals and dead rooms all feel like tombs after a while.”


Beaten and Alone  

This tune is about a friend of mine who constantly struggles with finding himself, addiction and low self worth.  Check out this lyric…  “Your threadbare sheets are weak and all stained.  The bleach cannot clean the blame that you leave where you used to let your heart lay.”  


Gotta Get You Outta My Head Again

This is a classic “chick hurt me song” in case the title didn’t give it away.  The story of this tune is actually pretty old.  These words have been laying around for a while but I finally found a melody and chords to pair them with.  Profound and deep lyrics include….  “I gotta get you outta my head again.”  pretty heavy, huh?!  Haha.   

Jacob Vanko Band - 10 Years