The Jacob Vanko Monthly Newsletter

The Jacob Vanko Monthly Newsletter

Hey friends.  I’m now doing a monthly newsletter.  This is completely uncharted territory for me and I have no idea how this will fare. I might as well give it a shot for three reasons in particular.  Check it out.

1:  Facebook is no longer reliable

Facebook’s algorithms intentionally avoid placing my page’s content onto the news feeds of the people who like my page. Crazy right?! One might assume if you like a page that means you want to see their content.  No no no.  I have to pay Facebook to ensure my flyers and info show up in the news feeds of my fans.  Also, their guidelines on text to picture ratio on promoted posts are constantly changing.  Basically…  Facebook thinks it’s cool to tell me “You have to pay us to show your fans your flyers and we have to like the way it looks.”  I’m not necessarily down with that game plan.      

2:  Instagram is no longer chronological 

This used to be a very valuable tool for me to post flyers. However, in typical social media fashion, they fixed an app that wasn’t broken in the first place. The new algorithm Instagram works on is based on trending topics and likes as opposed to being a simple chronological feed of pictures you subscribe to. I’ve had several instances where fans of mine saw my post about a show days late even though I posted it days before. Guess how I can make sure you see it??? You guessed correctly. Pay them.

Please don’t change the chronological feed in exchange for an algorithm meant to show the most relevant feeds first.  I’m not writing this for my benefit, but for the benefit of so many artists, creators and upstarts whose careers depend on this platform to flourish.  My tastes, curiosities and interests change everyday; If I’m not even sure what’s relevant to me, how will you know? What was irrelevant to me yesterday, could be my latest passion today.  I’ve met some fine people and been exposed to great art that I would have otherwise never found because of this app.  Please keep that beautiful, communal experience alive.

John Mayer


3:  Not everyone is on social media

Yep…  it’s true.  I actually don’t have a personal Facebook page myself.  Only a fan page.  I got kinda burnt out on the digital soapbox for thumb typing justice wizards.  And politics.  Ugh.  Over it.  So for my friends, family and fans (and potential fans) that don’t care for social media…  You can still keep up to speed on news, shows, jokes, pics, ect…  


I’ll still be on social media

I’m no where near popular enough to say “That’s it!  No more social media for me” and still expect to have a decent reach to potential new fans.  It would be pretty dumb of me to not take advantage of the platforms as much as I can despite all the convoluted, ever changing news feed arrangements.  The Newsletter is just an additional, alternative source for information as it gets dropped.  

What to Expect

Like I said…  Uncharted territory.  My plan is to do giveaways, monthly list of gigs, Studio updates, Pictures, Funny Stories, Band member features, Links to my weekly blog posts and more.  I’m excited to get into the swing of this and building it with you guys. It’s gonna take time to organically grow into it’s own thing just like a song does.  Thanks for being here with me.