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Hello friends. I haven’t been blogging in a bit but I’m back in action with a good read about my experience with LoztKoz.

I recently did a quick acoustic video with local music legend and compulsive dad Diego Gomes. LoztKoz Productions is a one-stop shop for guys like me to make cool videos, capture live performances and put together electronic press kits. After seeing some of his work, I reached out to connect. Diego was immediately into getting me in for his Facebook acoustic series, where I would join the likes of Micah Spruill, Brian Grilli, Brandon Bower and Aaron Firestone to name a few.  If you would like to see and share this video and a lot of others please clink one the the many links on this blog to visit the LoztKoz Productions Facebook page.  In case you still haven’t figured out this internet thing yet…  I’ll make it really easy.——>CLICK HERE!

Diego stays relatively consistent with weekly uploads, which blows my mind because he has a very active gig schedule plucking and strumming in #TheWokOutz and WOAH! among a plethora of dad duties. I showed up 30 minutes early, kicked my wet boots off and maneuvered my not slim body through the treacherous landscape of children’s toys and small animals with my sherpa/videographer. We jumped the gate that held a very vicious pug beast at bay and climbed the stairs to the one room in the condo he MIGHT be able to claim as his. I can assume this because there were guitars in there… That’s basically the musician version of pissing in the corner. It was cozy and I felt like I could talk to the cat in that voice you usually don’t use around other people. I felt very comfortable in LoztKoz Productions HQ and got ready to play music. We did a couple takes of audio and video. Diego was a good coach, very Pro and polite… He was PROlite. (<== I just did that shit)

The vibe at LoztKoz

Diego Gomes
Diego Gomes

The goal wasn’t to be overly obsessive but more casual and loose, which is exactly what a fun afternoon acoustic video should be. He’s doing these in part to get buzz and generate residual work for his budding production company, while getting videos out for guys like me who don’t have the gear or software. Win win! The novel thing about Diego stepping into this realm is that he is a musician first. He has an eye for what looks cool for music videos. He does for his clients what he would want done for himself. So you have a music video that’s shot like a music video and not like a wedding. It’s definitely a cheese-free zone.

I was in and out after a couple runs through the tune and a dramatic location change. I was able to hear reverb in my ears during recording which made me a happy camper. It was really fun and we joked and laughed between takes. I’m really looking forward to working with LoztKoz Productions again for a video or EPK. If you’re reading this and you support me, go show him some love. Like his page. Share his content. It’s our responsibility to build a positive network of artists. Please take action. Perfect segue to the next section of this blog…

The song

“This Past Year” is a song I’ve been working on for a couple years. I’d write a verse and put it down, then revisit it months later for another couple lines. So “This Past Year” is really about a couple years because… well because I’m the writer and I can do whatever I want. The essence of the song is personal responsibility and accountability. So often our energy can be wasted thinking up reasons something won’t work out. Time is squandered placing blame and bitching about what’s holding us back. Responsibility is avoided while complacency lurches forward like a bull dozer, constantly trying to bury progress under piles of ignorance. This song is about my realization of how distracted and checked out I can get in regard to my own path in music and life. Turns out I’m not perfect. I falter and fall backwards. Fortunately for me, everything going on in my life is another idea for a song. I’m very lucky for this kind of outlet. Thanks for reading. I get to pretend I’m some kind of columnist when I do these. Lol.

Till next time,

This Past Year

This past year I couldn’t see I couldn’t hear
I didn’t even know I was so down
Buried in a box made of tempered fear
and locks deep under the rocks and the ground
Slowly eroding, decomposing
with a reckless heart and a plastic crown

This past year I hadda flaunt my new veneers
and cut my jealous teeth with a smile.
The smell of fumes, deals and dead rooms
all feel like tombs after while
beating my bleeding guitar and pleading
no judge, no jury just a long drawn out trial

I don’t wanna be known as the one who stands still
I don’t wanna be weak in my heart
and retreat at the start
of something that might be real

I been given another try and I ain’t gonna waste no more time
I been living a better life and I ain’t gonna waste no more time

This past year I couldn’t break or disappear
and I found out I might be the cause.
I’m a shadow on a broke down brick wall
made of poor calls, pitfalls and old blocks.
gracefully aging and degrading
as I play with my words and fight with my thoughts.

I don’t wanna be known as the one who got burned
I don’t wanna be dull in my head
and sulking instead
of taking all that I earned

I been given another try and I ain’t gonna waste no more time
I been living a better life and I ain’t gonna waste no more time
Ain’t gonna waste no more time.