Local Cheers

Local Cheers

We recently teamed up with Nate Sacks and Local Cheers for a show and beer pong tournament at A.J. Gators in Aragona.  This is the first time we worked with Nate on something and hope I can be an accomplice in more adventures to come.  I really Like what he’s doing musically and business wise.

Who is Nate Sacks?

Nate Sacks is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Norfolk, VA.  He currently plays locally, teaches at The School of Rock and runs Local Cheers.  If you haven’t heard of him yet, you are long overdue.  Nate has independently released collections of his songs, collaborated with several local artists, played festivals and toured with Major and the Monbacks.  He has some music on Soundcloud and some videos on Youtube for your listening and viewing enjoyment.      

i’ve never been able to stay in one place stylistically so I am always expanding my horizons while still being true to myself. -Nate Sacks


What is Local Cheers? 

I think its the perfect time for something like Local Cheers.  The growing trend of people supporting local breweries as opposed to massive, disconnected, corporate beer overlords is good for everyone.  Artists, business owners, beer enthusiasts and the local thats just looking for something to do can enjoy.  I’m not a consumer of alcohol as most of you know but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy some delicious, locally brewed beers while devouring food truck morsels and listening to live music.  Treat yourself. 

Local Cheers is a new hometown brand and event coordinator that brings local bands and local brews together at a brewery near you! -Nate Sacks


How does live music fit in?

Pairing local music with local beer is quite clever.  I may be completely off base here but my interpretation is kinda like pairing wine or beer with food.  It seems like good local music engaging the ear while your tastebuds and other pleasure sensors are delighted by the brew is a perfect marriage.  I would venture a guess that music, food and beer have been the triforce of good times since the first beer was brewed in ancient Mesopotamia.  (Apparently neither America or baby Jesus created beer.  The fizzy, fermented staple was given to us by the brilliant minds of ancient middle eastern people.  Click here to learn more)