Jacob Vanko Band – 10 Years

Jacob Vanko Band – 10 YEARS, is set to release by the end of summer 2016.  Our long awaited debut album has a current slate of 14 tracks featuring the eclectic sounds The Jacob Vanko Band behind the original songs.  The Album is being produced,engineered,mixed and mastered by Rich Mossman.

“The songs have been plucked from different points in my songwriting growth.  It definitely adds to the story arc of the record.  At least for me, I recognize which songs sound less mature.  Maybe the audience will too.  This is one of the things I like most about this record.  People grow and change.  Bodies weaken and minds mature.  My songs ARE me in melody so by logic, they should change as well.”  -Jacob Vanko

The band has been playing a lot of the tunes out at shows and local dive bars.  Everything has been well received so far.  We are very grateful for the fans that come out a request original songs and we are certainly happy to oblige.  People are really responding to the songs titled “All the Same”,” A Long Time Ago” and “Standing Down”.  We aren’t sure about what to choose for a single as of yet.  We’re going to play them and see what the fans decide.

Thank you so much for the continued support and patience while we take the time to get this record done right.  Everyone involved from Investors, musicians and the soulful sweaty singer himself believe in this record and the material.  We are so glad you do too.   

The Jacob Vanko Band

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