Christmas, 1995

Christmas of 1995 helped shape my musical life.

The First Record I can remember truly falling in love with came into my possession on Christmas day in 1995.  The tracks on Dookie by Greenday haunted my impressionable mind.  That thing played on repeat for months and I came to learn every lyric and ever melody on it.  I also got hockey equipment that year.  I remember grabbing the hockey stick and pretending it was a guitar while commencing to unleash rock and roll fury upon my family with a christmas tree backdrop.  There goes my would be life as an athlete…  Unable to digest great writers like Springsteen and Dylan at that juncture, I scoffed when my dad would attempt to enlighten me.   All in all.  I think Billy Joe Armstrong was a good ambassador to the world of songwriting and performing.  After all…  He’s still at it so he must be doing something right.  

I owned plenty of tapes before this and played guitar enough to have a little facility in my fingers.  (My first guitar)  I can remember listening to Guns n Roses, Kriss Kross, and Michael Jackson.  I’d even occasionally steal my brothers “Chronic” Album by Dr. Dre occasionally.  Years later, I would steal my brothers actual chronic but that’s another blog.  I used to love the “Opposites Attract” video by Paula Abdul with the cartoon cat.  Oh, and the video for “I Can’t Dance” by Genesis (videos below) among other 90’s hits.  However, it would be the Greenday record that would crack open the door to wanting to understand song construction rather than just playing music.  Thanks Mom and Dad for having the courage to buy a cd with the artwork of cartoon dogs attacking a city with warheads and fistfulls of their excrement for your 11 year old.  Love you very much.  Merry Christmas.