Acoustic Guitar Tone

Acoustic Guitar Tone

When I first started performing live I didn’t have much guidance in terms of sound and tone.  I just assumed you plug in and as long as you are heard, you’re good right???  WRONG!  As I become a more mature performer, I consider these things often.  Sometimes other players come up to me and compliment my acoustic guitar tone for being natural, brilliant and rich.  I like these compliments more than kind words about my musical ability!!!  Haha.  Telling a guitar player he has a nice tone is probably the nicest thing anyone can do in all of humanity. Here is what I do and use.  You’ll find it is very simple.


Guitar – Standard Martin D-28

Pickup – Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup and preamp system

Preamp – L.R. Baggs Venue di

Amp – Fishman SA330x


I only use a little reverb and it varies from room to room.  believe it or not,there’s no reverb pedal on my rig.  I typically just use whatever the pa has to offer and always find nice reverbs.  

For the love of God, man!  Change your strings!

I see guys all the time with great guitars, a bunch of fancy foot pedals, expensive speakers and rusty, dead, lifeless strings.  It bums me out.  Change your stings, please.  Your guitar string is steel and bronze and is supported to sound metallic not nylon.  I found better tone from just using regular strings and changing them frequently as opposed to fancy coated or treated strings.  Mine usually last about 3 gigs if properly lubed.


After every set, I wipe my strings down with Fast Fret.  Wipe away the oils from your skin and your strings will love you long time.

Buy in bulk and save your loot

When you purchase a pack of strings you are paying for the strings and the packaging.  When you buy in bulk you are just paying for the strings.  I pay around 50.00 for 20 sets of regular Martin Medium gauge strings that sound and play great.  Cost per pack averages out to be around 2.50.  At that cost I can comfortably change my strings twice a week if I have to.  I purchase from because they have fast shipping free on orders over 30.00 and good custormer service.

Bulk string storage

Your bulk strings are gonna be all wrapped up in one big roll with little colored tabs that indicate different gauges.  Get yourself a good plastic container with a rubber seal and clips.  I also toss a silica packet into the container to absorb any moisture.  Why?  Because water and humidity is the guitar strings arch enemy.  If you are going to buy in bulk and have them laying around for a while, keep them dry.

Thanks for reading!  I hope to see you soon.